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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Present Perfect Test / Test del Presente Perfecto


I - Fill in the blanks with the present perfect:
1. Jane _______ __________ (visit) us before.
2. Eliza and Patrick _______ ____________(live) in Africa since 1985.
3. My grandfather ________ just ____________ (learn) how to swim.
4. They __________ ____________ (sell) a house in our neighborhood.
5. Nobody _________ __________(see) Peter since last July.
6. We ___________ ____________ (not hear) from Alexandra since she went to Brazil.
7. Laura _________ ___________(not drink) milk siince they told her she was lactose intolerant.
8. You _________ ____________ (meet) my new friend, Davinia.
9. The children ___________ _____________ (not be) abroad before.
10. I __________ ____________ ( not phone) your sister yet.
11. Fred _______ ____________ (not dance) with Ginger before..
12. It _________ _____________ (not rain) in three months.

II - Write questions for these answers:

 I have been to London to vist the Queen.

She hasn´t slept for days. (Use how long)

No.They haven´t recieved your letter.

Yes. Alfred has finished the job.

We have seen Jenny on television.

Yes, Arthur has finally cleaned the garage.

Peter has married Alina.

John has opened a teashop.

Paul has left the windows open.

I have lived in this apartment for years. (Use How long)

Juanita has taught French in this school since 2004. (Use since)

Frank has had a motorcycle since he was a teenager.(Use how long)

III - Present perfect or past simple?

1. (a)Have you been to (b) Were you in)  Berlin before? No, it´s my first time here.
2. (a)Have you been (b)Did you go) to the circus last Sunday? Yes, we had a great time.
3. The neighbors (a)have always been b)were always) rude to us. That´s why we moved.
4. I (a)have had b)had) enough time to think and I´m ready to make a decision.   
5.We (a)have watched (b)watched) every episode of that show. We love it. Come watch it with us tonight. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Charles Advices Waking Up / Carlos Aconseja Despertarse

Do you find it easy to wake up?
¿Te despiertas con facilidad?

Carlos M. chose a song and translated it for us.Click on Wake Me Up to hear it.
Carlos M. eligió una canción y la tradujo para nosotros. Pincha en Despiértame para escucharla.

It´s about a different kind of waking up, though.
Pero es sobre una forma diferente de despertarse.

We found the image that illustrates this post in Images from the Internet. 
Encontramos la imagen que ilustra esta entrada en Imágenes de Internet.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

C.Swords´s Lorde's Team / Equipo de Lorde y Carolina E.

Caroline Swords would like us to listen to a song. It has subtitles in both English and Spanish. Click on Lorde Team to hear it. 

A Carolina E. le gustaría que escuchasemos una canción. Tiene subtítulos tanto en español como en inglés. Pincha en Lorde Equipo para escucharla. 

Get well, Carrie. We hope you are back with us soon. We already miss you a lot.
Ponte bien, Carolina. Queremos que vuelvas cuanto antes. Ya te estamos echando mucho de menos. 

We found the pictures in this post on Images from the Internet.

Encontramos las imágenes de esta entrada en Imágenes de Internet.

Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Patrick's 2014 / San Patricio 2014

Are you having a great time celebrating today?

¿Estás pasándotelo en grande celebrando  hoy? 

We didn´t show up earlier because we were extremely busy pinching people who weren´t wearing green today. 

No hemos aparecido por aquí antes porque estábamos muy ocupados pellizcando a los que no iban vestidos de verde hoy. 

There were quite a few of those, but thanks to our having pinched them, there will be less next year. 

Había unos cuantos de esos, pero gracias a los pellizcos que hemos repartido, habrá menos el año que viene. 

We found the image of the leprechaun cat in Images from the Internet.

Encontramos la imagen del gato léprecan en Imágenes de Internet. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

David Imagines / David Imagina

Click on Imagine to see David A. V.'s  translation of the song he selected as well as to hear it. 

Pincha en Imagina para ver la traducción que David A. V. ha hecho de la canción que ha elegido y también para escucharla. 

Dig the cool poster that illustrates this post and that we found in Images from the Internet.

Aprecia el poster molón que encontramos en Imágenes de Internet y que ilustra esta entrada.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Past Tense of To Be / Pasado del verbo ser /estar

Past Tense of To Be

I was              you were        he / she / it was
we were       you were        they were
1. We ___________ happy that day.
2. Anne and Peter __________ married back then.
3. Elizabeth and Jane _________ sisters.
4. My friends __________ many.
5. It __________ my birthday last Friday.
6. The picnic ___________ fun.
7. You ___________ my teacher.
9. John __________ a doctor.
10. The cat __________ black.
11. The children __________ quiet.
12.  The people in the room ___________Mike´s guests.

Negative:  Añadir not.
I wasn´t              you weren´t         he / she / it wasn´t
we weren´t        you weren´t         they weren´t
1. I ____________ late for school today.
2. They __________ our neighbors.
3. The supermarket ____________ open.
4. Our house ___________ small.
5. Pat and Julie ___________ models.
6. The children ___________ Bob´s cousins.
7. Arthur ___________ rich.
8. The people in the shop  ____________ customers.
9. You  ___________ fat two years ago.
10. I __________ angry with you.

Yes / No Questions:
Was /Were) + sujeto + resto + ?  Were the students noisy today?
No, the woman outside wasn´t my mother.
Yes, Anne was very tall.
No, they weren´t French.
Yes, you were beautiful when you were young.
Yes, Frank was a good singer.
No, I wasn´t a fan of that team.

Questions with Question Words:
QW + was/were + subject + rest + ?   When was John here?
Martha was angry because her car was broken.
The twins were Ted´s daughters.
Elizabeth and Tom were fine.
The party was at Ben´s hotel.
The football match was at six o´clock yesterday afternoon.
Those bags were Regina´s.
The book was about pirates.
We were circus clowns in the eighties.
Those people were our primary school teachers.
The children in the park were Susie´s classmates.

Kikicheeky and Big Fish School / Kikimorrito y la escuela del Pez Gordo

Heather and Thistle returned home from the carnival of the last snows in a colorful little gypsy caravan. What they didn´t know is that there was a stowaway aboard.

Brezo y Cardo volvieron a casa del carnaval de las últimas nieves en un colorido carro gitano. Lo que no sabían es que con ellas viajaba un polizón.

Little Kikicheeky is the son of a fearsome witch and her woodwose husband. He has a round face like his father, but in everything else he resembles his pencil thin, conflictive mum.

El pequeño Kikimorro es el hijo de una feroz bruja y un salvaje hombre del bosque. Tiene la cara redonda y mofletuda como su padre, pero en todo lo demás se parece a su flaquísima y problemática  mamá. 

Kikicheeky has the power to grant wishes. But he only grants wishes that he knows will disturb the wisher. 

Kikimorrito tiene el poder de conceder deseos. Pero sólo los concede cuando sabe que van a perturbar al que los desea.

Heather is very tired. But instead of going to bed, she shovels snow off Mr. Binky´s glass coffin. It has almost disappeared under the steady snowfall.

Brezo estaba muy cansada. Pero en vez de irse directa a la cama, cogió una pala y se puso a quitar la nieve que cubría el ataúd de cristal del Sr. Binky. Casi había desaparecido bajo la nieve que no cesaba de caer. 

As she shovels with half-closed eyes, she wonders if Mr. Binky is conscious enough to dream.

Mientras trabajaba con los ojos medio cerrados, se preguntaba si el Sr. Binky estaría lo suficientemente consciente como para soñar.

Heather / Brezo

I wish I knew what you are thinking, Mr. Binky. I hope you are dreaming pleasant, healing dreams.

Desearía saber que está usted pensando, Sr. Binky. Espero que tenga dulces sueños reparadores.  

In a question of seconds, Heather fell fast asleep in the heavy snow. And she had a nightmare that wanted to be in verse but couldn´t quite manage to be because a dream is a dream. It was about aquariums and schools, spiders and fish and …

En cuestión de segundos, Brezo estaba dormida acurrucada en un lecho de copiosa nieve. Y tuvo una pesadilla que quería pero no lograba estar en verso porque los sueños sueños son. Era sobre acuarios y escuelas, arañas y peces y… 

Mr. Big Fish has inaugurated his school
It is meant for the cream of the cream and the pick of the pick
In a luxurious aquarium he is going to teach
Six fishies, three spiders, two green turtles
And a tiny little yellow chick.

El Sr. Pez Gordo ha inaugurado su escuela.

En un lujoso acuario clase ha de impartir.

Seis pececillos, tres arañas, dos verdes tortuguitas

y un pollito amarillo han de asistir.

The classroom is the clear turquoise of a fine summer´s day
For the red coral desks and the black mussel shell blackboard
A mighty fine sum Mr. Fish had to pay.

Azul turquesa como un día de verano es el aula.

Los pupitres de rojos corales han costado un pastón.

Al igual que la pizarra de negras conchas de mejillón.

 ¡Menuda inversión!

All is going well for the six little fishies with silvery scales
Although two are conspicuously larger and the other four eye them with dread
 There is nothing to fear. They had a plentiful breakfast when they jumped out of bed.

Todo marcha viento en popa para los pececillos de plateadas escamas,

Aunque dos son bien grandes y los cuatro chiquitos recelan,

Todos han desayunado bien, nada más dejar sus camas.

But the three spiders cannot concentrate 
And are clenching their teeth 
Because none are aquatic
And they all need to breathe.
Pero las tres arañas - ¡ay! ninguna es de agua –

No se logran concentrar.

Más que una lección, necesitan respirar.

Since their eight arms are strong
It does not take them long
To swim to the top of the tank
But in so doing, the biggest one water did splash
On the green little turtles who decide in a flash
They would like to be back on land for a while
They think of the warm earth and at each other smile
With one thought in both minds.
Their interest in learning is not very great
So they follow the example of their arachnid mate

Como tienen ocho brazos, veloces hacia arriba nadan,

Más no sin salpicar a las verdes tortuguitas

Que empiezan a recordar lo bien que se está en la cálida tierra

Y como su interés por lo académico resulta ser más bien escaso

Se ponen a emular – que es lo mismo que imitar –

A sus compañeras que la cabeza ya han logrado sacar

De aquel  tan pedagógico lugar.

None too happy with such insubordination
Mr. Fish has decided this is the occasion
To prove who´s the boss in his classroom
And so, he gets into a very rude fight
With the largest spider who knows she´s in the right
But has no idea how to reason things out
All she knows how to do is threaten and shout.

Nada contento está Don Pez ante tanta insubordinación

Y de dejar claro quién manda allí no deja escapar la ocasión,

Enzarzándose con la araña más tamaña en una grosera discusión.

Ésta, tal vez por no estar educada, ignora lo que es razonar,

Y en vez de explicarse, se pone a insultar y amenazar.

Mr. Fish soon is phoning his pupil´s mamá
Poor Mrs. Black Widow goes blah, blah, blah,
And with pitiful sobs and sighs
And big tears in her eight eyes
She begs Mr. Fish not to expel
Her rude little girl
Because she doesn´t know what to do with her when she´s home in the web.

Don Pez a la madre de su díscola alumna ya está llamando.

La pobre Doña Viuda Negra, llorando y sollozando,

Suplica que no expulse a su hijita de la escuela

Pues no sabe qué hacer con ella cuando la tiene en su tela.

The other two spiders, piqued and offended,
Have left the school and off they have fended
For they heard Mr. Fish call the other of their species
A second class animal, beneath the rank of fishies.
Out on their own it doesn´t take them long to discover
They won´t die of hunger for their talent for spinning
Makes them aces at the complicated  art of breadwinning.
The largest spider in particular acquires riches and fame
Though years after her incident with Mr. Big Fish,
Upon any mention of his honorable name
She spits mosquitoes and cockroaches just the same
As the distant day their quarrel started.

Las otras dos arañas, picadas y muy ofendidas, pues se han dado por aludidas

Al escuchar a Don Pez llamar animal de segunda a su irascible compañera,

Se han ido por donde vinieron a buscarse la vida en otra parte,

Donde descubren que no dejan de tener para ello arte.

Sí, todo lo que tejen, grandes beneficios les reporta

Y sobre todo la más belicosa

Llega a ser rica y famosa,

Aunque sigue enfurruñada y escupe mosquitos y cucarachas

Cuando alguien de Ramos a Pascuas

Le menta a Don Pez. 


But in time the little fishes have also come to be
Powerful makers of big money
And they applaud Mr. Fish as a most decisive factor
In their financial success.

Pero hoy los pececillos también han llegado a ser

Gente de gran poder, al menos adquisitivo,

Y aplauden a Don Pez, al que consideran un factor muy decisivo

En su ascenso. 

The turtles would rather not argue.
Why should they bother?
Nobody ever listens to one or the other.
So they assent with a nod
When anyone says that Mr. Fish
Is wiser than Thoth, the Egyptian god.

Las tortugas, por no discutir,

No se molestan en dejarse oír,

Que total nadie les hace caso, y se limitan a asentir 

Cuando a Don Pez alguien gran maestro llama.

And the little chick – What little chick?
Oh, he drowned the first day of school,
Though nobody noticed till it stank under his stool.
And since there was no one his poor little body to claim
And no one to sue Mr. Fish or to blame
The great teacher for the chick´s sad fate,
They transported him to a better world,
Which was to be found
Better in the science lab
Than underground.
There before his pupils Mr. Fish an autopsy performed.
And what do you know?
Some chose to become doctors due to that show.
And so the chick can continue to teach and inspire
His skeleton still hangs in the lab from a spire.

 Y el pollito - ¿Qué pollito?

Si se ahogó el primer día,

Aunque no fue hasta que olía

Que cuenta se dieron de su desgracia.

Más como el pobre no tenía

Quien su cuerpo reclamase

Ni nadie que demandase

A su insigne maestro,

Sacósele del aula para su traslado a un mundo mejor,

Concretamente al laboratorio de ciencias,

Donde se le hizo la autopsia para ilustrar a los presentes

Y debido a esa función

Algunos hoy son médicos

Y con la misma intención

Su esqueleto ahora cuelga en dicha habitación,

 Donde de él todo él que entra aprende.

¡Imparte educación!

Heather awoke with a violent start and a scream.

Brezo despertó con un violento escalofrio y un grito.

Heather / Brezo

I have to save the chick!

¡He de salvar al pollo!

 Thistle / Cardo

What do you mean by sleeping out here in the snow? Get inside my house, you´re damp and wet. I´ve made hot chocolate.

¿Por qué estás durmiendo aquí fuera en la nieve? Métete en mi casa ahora mismo. Estás empapada y helada. Yo he hecho chocolate caliente.

 Heather / Brezo

I had a dream about a little yellow chick that…

He tenido un sueño sobre un pollito amarillo que…

 Thistle / Cardo

That must be because it will soon be Easter.

Eso ha debido ser porque pronto será Pascua Florida.


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