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Monday, 29 April 2013

40 Conditional Rewrites / 40 oraciones para reescribir como condicionales

Conditional Rewrites:

1. If you don’t go to the doctor, you won’t get well.

2. She ought to take the medicine. It will cure her.

3. Don’t play with fire. You’ll get burned.

4. Don’t buy that old car. You will have an accident.

5. She should have worn a coat. She wouldn’t have caught a cold.

6. I would have studied for the test, but I had to work in the office.

7. When she plays the drums, the neighbors call the police.

8. Mixing blue and red, you get purple.

9. When it rains, the basement gets flooded.

10. You won’t go out with your friends unless you clean your room.

11. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
If you

12. I wish you were my mother.

13. If I eat stawberries, I have a rash.

14. Alice could have taken me to the airport, but Moira insisted on taking me in her new car.
If Moira

15. We won¡t be able to enter the flat if he doesn’t give us the keys.
Unless he

16. I am a millionaire today because I invested in sugar.
If I hadn’t

17. If only Karen were here.

18. When Rosie leaves, we will miss her.

19. I can’t sleep if it isn’t quiet.

20. when Julia shouts, the house shakes.

21. I won’t eat if Alfredo doesn’t cook the food.

22. Unless we do our homework, our teacher will be angry.
Our teacher

23. Give me the letter and I will take it to the post office.

24. Alison fetched us at the station because she knew we were coming.
If Alison

25. The plant would have died if Sybil hadn’t watered it.
If Sybil

26. I won’t marry you if you don’t say you love me.
I won’t

27. Arthur must have lost his keys or he wouldn’t have climbed into the house through the window.
If Arthir

28. If you choose the wrong door, you will be eaten by a tiger.

29. Don´t climb up there. The roof will cave in.

30. Romano was murdered because he pissed off some druglords.
If Romano

31. Riley would have come to the cinema with us but he had already seen the film.
If Riley

32. I would have liked to have had a drink with you, but it was very late.
If it

33. Leave the window open, or we will die of heat in here.
We will

34. Keep the food in the fridge or the flies will eat it.

35. I would have gone to an Italian restaurant but my girlfriend wanted to eat sushi.
If my

36. The bread won’t rise unless you add yeast to the dough.
If you

37. Jane is very aggressive. That´s why she doesn't have friends.
If Jane

38. We only plant cactuses because the weather is extremely dry.
If the weather

39. The children don't know how to swim. We can´t take them to the river.
If the children

40. Alice isn't a good golf player. So she doesn't win matches.
If Alice

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