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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

55 Relative Clauses to Practice With / Practicar con 55 cláusulas de relativo

Here are 55 rather relative clauses to practice with. Keep an eye on the ones with why. The ones with what, too. I hope they will do.  If you can't remember a thing about relatives, click on Review Relatives first.

Ahí van 55 cláusulas más o menos de relativo para practicar. Ojo con las de "why." Con las de "what" también. Espero que sirvan. Sí no te acuerdas de nada sobre las cláusulas de relativo, picha en Repasar Relativos primero.

1. A mean waiter served us. He was very rude.

The mean waiter

2. Leonardo Da Vinci was born near Florence. He painted the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo Da Vinci,

3. Jo came to see me. She works in the same building I do.


4. The wind blew out the candle. Jane had lit it.

The wind

5. Where is the birthday cake? Fiona baked it.

Where is

6. I saw a girl stealing. She was wearing a red dress.

I saw a girl

7. August is the month. In August, I am on holiday.

August is

8. We enjoyed the film. It was on TV on Sunday afternoon.

We enjoyed

9. An orphan is a person. His or her parents are dead.

An orphan

10. Did you buy the antique table? It was worth ten thousand dollars.

Did you

11. The girl is my niece. She is crossing the street.

The girl

12. Some people are afraid of spiders. They have arachnophobia.

People who

13. Spring is the time of year. Flowers appear then.

Spring is

14. Ether made surgery painless. It was first used in the 19th century.


15. Nell is a very gifted child. She plays the piano like the young Mozart.


16. This is the scene in the film. The actor jumps out of the window.

This is the scene in the film

This is the scene in the film in

17. You are hearing a noise. It is caused by an enormous air conditioner.

The noise

18. This is the man. We fixed his car yesterday.

This is

19. Edgar's house is haunted. He can’t sleep at night.


20. Who is the doctor? He saved Peter´s life.

Who is

21. You saw a mime yesterday. Is that the mime?

Is that

22. Elsa bought a horse from a jockey. That is the jockey.

That is the jockey who

That is the jockey from

23. I keep my money in a little green metal box. It is in the closet.

I keep

24. Arnold is Herman’s twin brother. He looks exactly like Herman.


25.We live near the park. You go to play there every day.

We live

26. Who ate the chocolates? I bought them this morning.

Who ate

27. Some people are selfish. I don’t like those people.

I don’t like people

28. The Earth has a moon. Is it the only planet with a moon?

Is the Earth

29. Vanessa is the girl. John wrote a lovely poem for her.

Vanessa is the girl for

30. Katie is jealous of Elizabeth. Elizabeth's boyfriend is gorgeous.

Katie is jealous of Elizabeth,

31. Madrid is a city. It never sleeps.

Madrid is

32. We can only lend you fifty dollars. That is all we have.

We can only

33. That girl is in my class. I can’t remember her name.

That girl,

34. The boys can vote. They are 18 years old.

The boys,

35. That’s the theatre. I saw the musical “Wicked” there.


36. Pass me the mobile phone. It is on my desk.

Pass me

37. The new stadium was inaugurated today. It holds 50 thousand people.

The new stadium,

38. I gave Bill the things. He asked for them.

I gave

39. Is that the girl? Paul was dancing with her?

Is that the girl

Is that the girl with

40. May I ask you something? Who is that man?

May I ask

41. Once, a lot of people died from tuberculosis.

There was a time

42. I had never spoken to my neighbor before. He invited me to a party.

My neighbor, to

My neighbor,

43. Fred sent flowers to the hospital. It was kind of him.

Fred sent

44. The hurricane destroyed New Orleans. It was called Katrina.

The hurricane

45. They will come. But when?

I don’t know

46. Pendragon won the race. We bet on that horse.

We bet on Pendragon, the horse

47. You bought those tiny shoes. For whom?

For whom

48. She's here. But why?

I don't know

49. They're digging a hole out there. But I don't know what for.

I don't know what

50. They are building a sports center in the spot. Our old school was there.

They are

51. Alfred snores. His wife finds this annoying.

Alfred snores,  

52. Bus number 5 goes to the airport. It stops here every fifteen minutes.  

Bus number 5,

53. Jane's apartment is bigger than mine. She's going to move to an even bigger apartment.

Jane, whose

54. The Smiths have a dog. It's former owner was Mike's brother.

The Smiths have

55. My Italian grandmother came to visit us. I was five years old then.

My Italian grandmother

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