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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Topics to Talk About

I'm reviewing a list of things I can talk about in English. I'm lucky. My teacher only has two pupils. We can actually learn to speak properly.

Estoy revisando una lista en inglés de cosas sobre las que puedo hablar en ese idioma. Tengo mucha suerte. Mi profe sólo tiene dos alumnos. Hasta podemos aprender a hablar correctamente.

Me. What am I like?
The most important person in my life.
My family and my relatives.
What do you like the most about each person in your family? What do you like least?
My ideal husband or wife.
How and where did my parents meet?
Neighbors. Is it easy to coexist with them?
Someone special I can turn to when I am sad or upset.
Which friend do I prefer to be with? Why?
Something I did with a friend that I wouldn't have dared to do alone.
The wildest friend I've ever had. And the strangest.
A friend my mum and dad didn´t like. Or don't like.
Adults I had fun growing up with.
My favorite animals.
Have I ever been attacked or frightened by an animal?
Anger. Have I ever been really angry?
Something awful I did in a fit of anger.
Someone I made really angry.
When and where did I learn how to read?
A good book I have read.
A book fair, sale, shop.
My local library. The librarian.
Comics I read or have read. Do I collect them? Where do I get them?
Something stupid I did.
Something I think is stupid.
Shopping. Do I enjoy shopping? My favorite shop.
My taste in clothes. Do I buy them personally? Does someone buy them for me? Places where I shop for clothes.
Physical appearance.
The worst look or haircut I´ve ever had. Have I always looked the same? Do I look the same as when I was little?
My best feature.
Have I ever wished I looked like someone else? Who?
Things I am good at and things I could never do well.
My favorite music.
What I did last…
My home.
My room.
My ideal home.
The nicest/ strangest/ prettiest house I' ve seen.
Have I ever run away from home? How far did I get? What did I take with me? Was I alone?
How I get to school or work.
I know how to drive a …
Games and Contests.
A game I like playing.
The most exciting sports event I've played in.
Losing a game or a contest I really wanted to win.
Lost and Found.
Something I lost recently.
Something I really wish I hadn't lost.
The most amazing thing I have ever found.
TV. How much TV do I watch? TV versus computers.
A TV program I like.
My plans for next week.
My plans and hopes for the future.
A job I've had.
A job I would like to have.
Have I ever had to babysit?
Who was my meanest babysitter?
My last holiday.
My best holiday.
My worst holiday.
My favorite holiday (Christmas, The Epiphany, New Year´s Day, etc.)
My favorite subject at school.
Was I ever sent to the principal´s office? What for?
The teacher who influenced me the most.
A scary teacher. A weird teacher.
The biggest mess I've gotten into.
Something I am proud of.
The most dangerous thing I have done.
A dangerous place I have been to.
Adventures. I've had a few of those.
Am I adventurous?
A lucky day.
The luckiest thing that ever happened to me.
The lottery and other games of chance.
A day that turned out wrong.
The Supernatural.
Am I superstitious?
Do I believe in ghosts? Have I ever been in a haunted house?
Something I was forbidden to do.
A frightening experience
What am I afraid of? Do I have a phobia?
Fears I have overcome.
What makes me happy?
What do I need to be happy? An island of my own, of course.
The happiest moment in my life.
The happiest moment in the past year.
Other countries.
A country I am interested in.
The season I like best.
How does my life change with the seasons?
Smoking. Do I? Have I?
Alcohol. The Big Bottle and I.
My most prized possession.
Something I would like to possess.
Something I really wanted to have but didn't get.
Something I loved but gave away.
The best gift I have received.
The best gift I have given.
My most memorable birthday.
How I celebrate my birthday.
My day.
Household chores. Do I help round the house?
What I do to have fun.
What makes me laugh?
Who is the funniest person I know?
My favorite comedian.
Something I worry about.
A dream or nightmare I´ve had.
Having the same dream over and over again. What do I think it means?
Has one of my dreams come true?
A famous person I admire.
A famous person I dislike.
Has anyone I've ever known become famous? Did he or she change because of it?
An event that changed my life.
Accidents I have seen or been in. Or heard about.
Helping Others. Have I ever tried to help someone?
Have I ever been really able to help someone?
Have I ever pretended to be ill or  injured?
What is the worst physical pain I´ve suffered?
Being picked on at school.
Have I ever done something just to go along with a group?
Nicknames I've had. Some I liked and some I didn´t.
Embarassment. The most embarassing thing that has happened to me.
The most embarassing things my parents made me do.
The most embarrassing mistake I have ever made.
My favorite food.
The strangest food I have ever had. Did I know what it was before tasting it?
Restaurants I have been to.
Cooking. Do I?
Secret Spots or Hideaways. Without much detail, no maps included.
World Events.
A world event I remember well.
Natural Disasters.
Have I ever been caught in a big storm, a fire or an earthquake?
Etc., etc., and so forth.

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