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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Five Dialogues About Clothes / Cinco Diálogos Sobre Ropa

Mary is a very busy businesswoman. Her job requires her to be very well dressed, but she has no time to go shopping for the latest designer clothes, so she has a personal shopper. His name is Tom and he is an authority when it comes to fashion. Mary has to spend a week closing a deal in the Bermudas and Tom has just bought Mary new clothes for this trip.

María es una mujer de negocios muy ocupada. Su trabajo requiere que vaya siempre muy bien vestida pero no tiene tiempo para ir de compras y adquirir ropa de diseño para ir a la última. Para eso ha contratado a un asistente de compras. Se llama Tomás y es una autoridad en moda. María tiene que pasar una semana cerrando un negocio en las Bermudas y Tomás le ha comprado ropa nueva para este viaje.

Mary: Hi, Tom! What have you got for me?

Tom: A ton of simply divine summer clothes. Look at these posh tank tops with genuine semi-precious stones. I love the turquoise one. Don’t you?

Mary: They’re gorgeous. Ah, and two pairs of shorts and two matching miniskirts to go with them. I love these clothes, they’re not only posh, they’re also comfortable.

Tom: Look at these three breathtaking bikinis, one in fresh lime green, another in three shades of blue and one in nude, so you’ll look like Venus stepping out of the sea.

Mary: I wonder which will suit me best.

Tom: And here´s a stunning silk and lace scarlet evening gown.

Mary: Wow! I’ll try it on this minute. Hey! It doesn’t fit. It’s not my size.

Tom: Oh, Mary! Of course it is your size! You have to unzip the zipper first. Look, here it is. Now, what does the mirror say?

Mary: Oh! Oh, wow! Yes, that looks good! Is that really me?

Tom: You’re a beauty, baby, and that dress knows it. So will everyone else.

Lily is in the fitting room of a boutique. She needs to buy a dress for her cousin Rachel’s wedding. Her grandmother Susie is helping her choose one.

Lili está en el probador de una boutique. Necesita un vestido para la boda de su prima Raquel. Su abuela Susana le está ayudando a escoger uno.

Lily: How many dresses do I have to try on?

Susie: Three short cocktail dresses and an evening gown with a lovely long skirt.

Lily: This pink one is for me? I hate pink! It’s a silly color.

Susie: It is not. This shade of pink is lovely. And it’s a very romantic color.

Lily: I’m not trying that dress on. Hand me the white one.

Susie: Is it white? Yes, it is. I thought it was beige. I can’t see anything with this light. You needn’t try this dress on. It’s not nice to wear white to a wedding. That color is reserved for the bride.

Lily: Ok, I don’t want to compete with Rachel on her wedding day. Let me try the black dress on.

Susie: Black? I thought it was purple! Black isn’t the right color for a wedding. It’s best to wear bright or pastel colors.

Lily: But the wedding is in the evening. It’s ok to wear black to a wedding if it’s in the evening. Oh, heck! It doesn’t fit! It’s too small. It´s size 38 and my size is 40.

Susie: Why don’t you try on the lilac evening gown? I’ll see if they have the black dress in size 40.

Lily: This dress is too long. I’m not very tall. I’ll catch my heel in the hem and tear the seam.

Susie: I’ll ask the shop assistant if they can fix it.

Megan put her new sweater in the washing machine and something went wrong.

Margarita metió su jersey nuevo en la lavadora y algo ha ido mal.

Megan: Oh, my gosh! What have I done? My blue sweater has shrunk! It’s several sizes smaller than it was and now I can’t wear it!

Meggy: Hey, Mummy! Why don’t you give it to me?

Megan: Oh, Meggy! I don’t think it will fit you! It looks to small even for you!

Meggy: I don’t want it for myself. I want it for my doll.

Julia has a blind date but she doesn’t know what to wear to it. Her friend Penny is helping her choose the right clothes.

Julia tiene una cita a ciegas pero no sabe que ponerse. Su amiga Penny la está ayudando a elegir la ropa adecuada.

Julia: Should I wear my new designer jeans or a mini skirt?

Penny: I like your blue mini skirt.

Julia: But it’s too short. I don’t feel comfortable with it when I’m with someone I don’t know very well.

Penny: Well, wear the new jeans then.

Julia: I think they make my ass look big. Do they?

Penny: No! You look great. They’re black. Black makes people look slimmer.

Julia: I bought a white blouse to wear with it, but I think the neckline is too low. And it's quite transparent. My bra will show.

Penny: You can wear a top under it.

Julia: No, I think I’ll wear my green blouse. Do you think it’s too tight?

Penny: Tight? I think it’s not tight enough. Isn’t it big for you?

Julia: No! Not that green shirt! That's my father's.This green blouse!

Daniel has gone Gothic. But he's afraid to leave the house because his father is sitting in the living room and he is not going to like Daniel’s new look when he sees it.

Daniel se ha vuelto gótico. Pero no se atreve a salir de casa porque su padre está sentado en el salón y no le va a gustar la nueva imagen de Daniel cuando la vea.

Peter: What is this? Who are you? What are you doing in my house?

Daniel: It’s me, Dad. I just have a new image!

Peter: Where do you think you are going dressed like that? Is it Halloween?

Daniel: I’m going to a concert.

Peter: With your face painted black and white? You’ll smudge everything you touch.

Daniel: Don’t be silly, Dad. I know what I’m doing.

Peter: What did you do to your teeth?

Daniel: I had the dentist fix them.

Peter: I paid the dentist to turn my son into a vampire?

Daniel: You've made me very happy, Dad. Thank you. Do you like my antique frock coat and my cool cloak?

Peter: What I'd like is to strangle you with the purple scarf round your neck.
But here's a hundred pounds. Take a taxi to and from wherever you are going. Try to come back alive.

Daniel: I'm the danger, Dad.

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