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Friday, 1 March 2013

82 Sentences to Write in the Passive Form / 82 oraciones que escribir en la voz pasiva

Don Quijote

Can you find a needle in a haystack?

¿Puedes hallar una aguja en un pajar?


Probably not, but I can ask that same question in the passive form.
Can a needle be found in a haystack?

Probablemente no, pero puedo hacer esa misma pregunta en la voz pasiva.
¿Puede ser hallada una aguja en un pajar?

1. The police didn't question Leonard.

2. The agents sold my house for more than a million dollars.

3. Blandina bought the rights to film that novel.

4. Elizabeth had won medals before.

5. The publishing house will publish your book next month.

6. Anna is selling all her grandmother’s jewels.

7. The police were investigating Algernon’s death.

8. Jade has visited us before.

9. Dr. Dwight should operate Martina.

10. Elsa must have painted the red room blue.

11. A photographer has to take photographs of all the exhibits.

12. That actress is going to win an Oscar sooner or later.

13. Bill´s friends must have eaten all the food in the fridge.

14. The mayor is going to build a new sports center for our town.

15. A tree fell on the roof of Edwin’s house and destroyed it.

16. The locusts ate all the corn Fred had planted.

17. Hailstorms have ruined their crops before.

18. Nobody has stolen the money.

19. She had insulted Harold many times.

20. Goya may have painted your ancestor´s portrait.

21. No one has ever seen the ghost of Crimson Castle.

22. Lita could have taken the child to visit its mother.

23. Clara´s gardener can plant those trees in our garden.

24. Have you ordered the food for the party?

25. Patrick paid for the drinks we took last night.

26. We should have bought the tickets earlier.

27. They planned the trip to Italy very carefully.

28. Leocadia has designed a gorgeous collection of summer clothes.

29. Can one eat ackees?

30. The Berbers eat whole stuffed camels.

31. Have you fixed my computer?

32. Did anybody lock the door last night?

33. They still print Mardi Gras party invitations in London and Paris.

34. They light all those chandeliers every Saturday night at the opera.

35. The maid has to make all those beds.

36. Leonora was reciting a poem when Alfred entered the living-room.

37. Peter didn’t park the car in front of a gate.

38. Our mother has made beautiful dresses for us to wear to the party.

39. Lydia forgot her bag in a taxi.

40. Alfred Hitchcock has directed many thrillers.

41. The boys have elected Ferdinand president of their club.

42. Where have you kept the money?

43. Vinny found Mrs. Jones’ dog in the marketplace.

44. Arthur kissed Sarah in front of everybody.

45. Grace will congratulate you the moment she sees you.

46. Should Sylvia inherit Mr. Winter´s  fortune?

47. When will they plant those seeds?

48. Has anybody opened the package?

49. She borrowed that book from me.

50. They donated all their father’s books to the local library.

51. An experienced pilot was flying the plane to Genoa.

52. Alfred´s grandfather was mowing the lawn.

53. James Coleman is going to write my biography.

54. Did a doctor examine Nina?

55. Who has watered the plants?

56. What do they manufacture in this factory?

57. How do you wash delicate clothes?

58. Do Muslims drink wine?

59. Martha has to explain many things to her family.

60. How can I fix this faucet?

61. What can we feed the kitten?

62. Did Mary bake these cupcakes?

63.- 64. They gave Bill a medal for saving the children’s lives.

65. What did they give Alfred?

66. Who killed Cock Robin?

67. When did they rescue the survivors?

68. Why did they cut those trees?

69. Who has broken my vase?

70. Why did you throw the lamp I gave you in the garbage?

71. Who should you have sold this house to?

72. Who can answer such a difficult question?

73. The pirate Blackbeard may have buried a treasure chest on this island.

74. John had founded more than a dozen schools for the blind by the time he was fifty.

75. Who decorates these beautiful cakes?

76. How did they build the pyramids?

77. The Pied Piper of Hamelin had exterminated all the rats before sunrise.

78. They were toying with the hand grenade when it exploded.

79. They buried Mozart in a pauper´s grave.

80. The children had been painting eggs for Easter.

81. They allowed the students to leave early because of the snow.

82. Fred must have left the lights on last night.

We found the image of the needle in the haystack on Images From the Internet.

Encontramos la imagen de la aguja en el pajar en Imágenes de Internet.

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